Traxion Review

Traxion Review
Traxion Review

Bill Hugall and Mark Barrett have come out of the shadows of semi retirement to join forces. They are launching their brand new newbie friendly method “Traxion”. It is launching on Sunday, November 10th at 9am EST.

These guys are two of the biggest names in the market and their coming together can only be good for anyone that picks up Traxion.

What is Traxion?

Traxion is a brand new affiliate marketing method that is literally exploding results for everyday people. It’s a great way to build some traction and momentum in your business by building your recurring affiliate income. A must see for anyone struggling, or wanting to increase their income.

It is based around setting up a recurring income. This is the key to making it online as you know at the start of every month what you already have coming in. And you can build this up to a job quitting level in no time at all.

The Funnel

Front End : Taxion Method – $12.95

Upgrade 1 : Buyer Click Rolodex – $27

This Marks Buyer Click Rolodex of PROVEN solo ad vendors that produce sales everytime he uses them. This is worth it’s wait in gold. Anyone that has used solos know its hard to find a good one.

Upgrade 2 : Live Masterclass Series – $47

This is a live masterclass from both Mark and Bill. Sometimes all you needs is to see something live or to get answers immediately to yours questions to see success. Inside the Masterclass series Mark and Bill will show you some live some cool tips and tricks, and help you succeed faster.

Upgrade 3 : Resll Rights – $97

License Rights! You can sell Traxion as your own product for 100% commissions. Meaning you could earn up to $183.95 for each sale. If you picked up OTO 1 this will be easy money. Only need 1 sale and you’ve recouped your cost.

My Traxion Bonuses

If you pick up the FE you will get the following exlusive bonuses:

  • Nexus Profits – Get access to my launch with Bill and Simple Spencer, inside you will learn how to make money from domaining. This is a perfect addition to your online marketing income streams.
  • Commission Fire – This guide will break down exactly how to get started in internet marketing and help you build a winning mindset

If you pick up any of the OTO’s you will get:

  • PLR Pack – I will give you a set 5 complete products that you can sell as your own. This is the perfect way to get into launching your own products.

If you pick up OTO3 you will get:

  • 50 Clicks sent to your 100% commission to try and get your first sales.

If you pick up the Traxion Method and all 3 OTO’s you will get

  • 100 clicks sent to a page of your choice, this can be to a squeeze page or directly to an offer.
  • My personal email address so you can ask questions anytime.

All of the bonuses for the OTOs can be obtained by emailing me at with your warrior+ or paypal receipts.


This is a great product for anyone stuck in the affiliate marketing space. Bill and Mark are giving you a great method to start making money online quickly. ​​

It’s a seriously supreme affiliate marketing method that has been blowing up results for everyday people just like you. They have proof from absolute newbies that are seeing their first sales online. It’s very inspiring and hence why i want you to know about it.

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