Pick My Postcode Review. Is it worth it?

Pick My Post Code Review
Pick My Post Code Review

Pick My Postcode is a UK residents only lottery, it is completely free to join. The twist with this lottery is that random postcodes are drawn instead of the usual numbers you see from the regular lottos. This site is nothing new, as the concept started way back in 2011, by London based Chris Holborn. The site is growing steadly with more people signing up everyday, the benefit of this is that the more eyes on the site the bigger the jackpot.

Should you give it a go?

My advice is you have nothing to lose so why not? It is 100% free to enter, all you need is a post code and an email address.

What is it all about?

You have a number of chances to win each day, some chances require you to fill in a survey or watch a video. Here are the main ways to win:

  1. The Main Draw – This takes place at midday everyday.
  2. Survey Draw – This also takes place at midday and you have to answer a quick question to reveal the winning post code.
  3. Video Draw – Again the video draw takes place at midday and you must watch part of a video to reveal the winning post code.
  4. Stackpot Draw – The stackpot draw takes place at 9am and 9pm each day and it is a list of Postcodes winning smaller amounts.
  5. Bonus Draw – This is another midday draw.
  6. £5 Flash Draw – The flash draw can happen at any time, if you see an ad on the site saying you’ve won you get a fiver.

How much could you win?

The Main draw earnings could net you around £500. It is always set to this amount to begin with but it will rollover until somebody has won and claimed, theoretically speaking there is no limit to the amount that could be won.

If you are reside within the UK, then it doesn’t hurt to try.

How this works is basically if your postcode appears in any of the lotterys you have won. If there is more than one participant from the same winning postcode then the jackpot is split between them but only if they all claim the prize.

So in a nutshell, let’s say there are two participants for a winning post code and only one makes a claim, then the claimant would keep the whole jackpot while the person who didn’t make a claim misses out completely. If there are no people that make a claim then there is a rollover.

The Main draw and Survey draw are the only two draws that roll over.

So how does this work even work by offering people free lottery?

For those of you who still may be thinking that there’s a catch to winning I can assure you there is not. It all completely free to join and you will never have to pay for anything.

Pick My Postcode uses a sustainable model where it has various third party offers and adverts displayed over the site and it is from people clicking on these offers or adverts they earn commission. So basically the whole thing is ad funded.

As you can see people like doing the lottery especially if it is free so the site has lots of people visiting and therefore Chris the site owner is able to offer participants the many free lottery draws.

With my findings, people do win and they have got paid so this site is very much legit. The highest amount winning amount I have come across is £2,000. Now thats not a bad win for a free lottery.

You can join here!

A PayPal account is needed to withdraw the prize money, click here to get a Paypal account.

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