Name Snagger Review

Name Snagger Review
Name Snagger Review

This is my Name Snagger Review. My mentor Gene Pimentel has just released access to his gold mine of profitable domain names. At least three times a week he will email you a list of domains all valued at over $500. The best part is these domains can be picked up for less than $10. Once you have picked them up all you have to do it flip them for a huge profit.

What do you get with Name Snagger?

I will let Gene describe Name Snagger to you:

What is Name Snagger.

Let me break it down for you on what you are getting:

  • You will receive a list of “Top 1%” Domain at Least 3 Times Per Week directly to your email address (can be up to 6 times some weeks)
  • Each List Contains many HUNDREDS of pre-screened high-value domain names, ready for you to register.
  • Every single domain on every Name Snagger list has a statistical value of over $500 each. 

What type of Domains do you get?

All of the domains you get within Name Snagger are .com. As we all know .com is king when it comes to domaining. This alone means the value of the names increases.

There are domain names from a list of categories such as:

  • Brandable Domains
  • Local Business Domains
  • Niche Specific Domains
  • Novelty Domains
  • High Search Volume Domains
  • High Back-Link Volume Domains
  • Very Short, Memorable Domains
  • One-Word Domains
  • Two-Word Domains
  • Industry Specific Domains
  • Organic Existing Traffic Domains
  • ALL types of High Value domains
  • SO Many More


If you want a quick shortcut in your domaining journey then Name Snagger is a must have. It saves you hours of going through each individual domain name and researching it. Just pick up the names you like and flip them for 10x what you paid for them.

Learn how to flip these pofitable domains.